Christina's Oral History, Round 2



Christina's Oral History, Round 2


• Christina (pseudonym), 69 years old, Filipino
• Experience of writing a book to process experience of Covid-19 infection
• Reflections on social isolation after visiting mother in Manila
• Reflections on impacts of Covid-19 on family relationships
• Covid-19 after-effects (long Covid symptoms)
• Family members’ experiences of Covid-19
• Process of receiving vaccines as someone who has contracted Covid-19
• Impacts of Covid-19 on mental health, Covid-19 mental health aftercare, survivor’s guilt
• Comparison of Covid-19 measures adopted in Singapore, Europe, the US, and the Philippines
• Reflection on political motivations behind vaccine rollout in the Philippines
• Treatment of domestic workers during Covid-19 in Singapore versus in the Philippines

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March 14, 2022

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Christina's Oral History, Round 2