Tania Villanueva’s Oral History, Round 2



Tania Villanueva’s Oral History, Round 2


• Tania is a financial advisor for one of the largest insurance companies in the Philippines. She considers her circumstances to be fortunate compared to others during the pandemic, so she tries to reach out to those who need assistance during the pandemic. She herself did not receive ayuda.
• She migrated her business meetings and conferences online. The pandemic caused her to lose clients, money, and potential earnings. She also started a business during the pandemic but it eventually failed and she closed it.
• She contracted COVID-19 with her partner but did not get tested nor got themselves to a hospital. They self-medicated and stayed home. Having been tested after they got sick, they still tested positive and had to isolate for a second time.
• She shared that she was able to receive the same generosity she gave from friends and colleagues. She also wishes that the government was able to handle the pandemic in a better way. She advocates for financial literacy, especially in the face of disasters and pandemics.

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February 28, 2022

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Tania Villanueva’s Oral History, Round 2 Tania Villanueva’s Oral History, Round 2 (translation)