Angelica's Oral History, Round 2



Angelica's Oral History, Round 2


• Angelica, 36, is a government employee who was interviewed in the first round as a COVID-19 survivor.
• Her husband also contracted COVID-19. Her husband lost his job when the pandemic happened but has found a new job in the last year.
• Angelica thinks that testing in the Philippines may be unreliable in some clinics or hospitals since the results vary from one and another. She believes that wearing a mask is a responsibility, but she is glad that face masks are no longer required.
• Since getting vaccinated and the state-imposed protocols are loosened, Angelica was only able to bring her kids to fast food chains to eat, but not in malls nor to travel outside their city, except to visit her husband’s family in a nearby town. She also thinks policies on mass gatherings must be loosened in churches, too, to allow people to pray.

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March 5, 2022

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