Daw Shwe Shwe's Oral History, Round 2



Daw Shwe Shwe's Oral History, Round 2


• Daw Shwe Shwe, Female aged 68
• Ethnic Burmese Buddhist
• Previously interviewed October and December 2020
• Previously ran a mall snack shop owner on peri-urban area of central Myanmar town, but had to close it due to collapse in demand for snacks after the economic crisis since military coup of February 2021.
• Has been relying on income sent by her son who works as a driver in Yangon and is seeking to sell land to provide some funds for the family.
• Received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered by Ministry of Health.
• Has not received any support from government or charitable groups in 2021 since the military coup.
• Contributed repeatedly to local welfare groups throughout 2021, especially for funeral funds. However, there are a variety of new restrictions by the military authorities on charity work and funerals.
• Avoids government health facilities as believe it has been starved of funds since the coup and that treatment there is now very risky.
• Fear the country is being sent back to the “dark age” by the pandemic and return to military rule.
• Fears for her safety as she lives next to military regime officials and a police officer who may be targets for bombing [by anti-military armed groups].
• Would be grateful if authorities could bring down the costs of food stuff and enable employment opportunities.

Date Created

March 7, 2022

Language of interview

Karen and Burmese

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