Walter Cruz's Oral History, Round 2



Walter Cruz's Oral History, Round 2


• Walter Cruz, 68 years old. An academic.
• Travel plans delayed due to governmental restrictions and border closures.
• Kept in touch with family members abroad regularly.
• Sister-in-law in the U.K. suffered from COVID on top of other health issues.
• Pilot expat friend losing job due to COVID.
• Experienced shortage of lamb; a traditional dish served during Waitangi Day
• Sees the shortages of certain commodities beyond their relation to COVID-19.
• Job security is not a concern as he sees the important role that academics play in
education despite lessons being conducted online due to the pandemic.
• Mentioned about the possibility of reduction in the effectiveness in teaching and
learning due to the limited amount of interactions students have while doing online courses on their own which may result in reduced quality of university graduates.

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February 5, 2022

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Walter Cruz's Oral History, Round 2