Zarina Othman's Oral History, Round 2



Zarina Othman's Oral History, Round 2


• Zarina Othman, 32 years old, female, full time housewife, mother of two
• Husband is now the sole breadwinner
• Becomes more spiritual ever since the pandemic outbreak
• Taking care of her family especially her children are now her priority as opposed to
having a career
• Concerned about her youngest son not having the basic skills of writing due to the
limitation of remote learning during the pandemic lockdown
• Understands the hard work of teachers, the important role that parents play during
their children’s online learning from home
• Trained her two children into wearing masks as a precaution of COVID
• Shared how her niece’s university learning experience has been affected by the new
way of learning and that she has been deprived of the physical experience of learning for her science subject and the social life

Date Created

January 25, 2022

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Covid Impact 15-17
Covid Restrictions 10, 12, 18, 25
Family 3-12, 19, 23
Government Response 32
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Mental Health 14-15, 18
Vaccines 19-21

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Zarina Othman's Oral History, Round 2