Billy Mason's Oral History, Round 2



Billy Mason's Oral History, Round 2


• Billy Mason (pseudonym), Teacher in a private school; Chinese Buddhist foreign worker (Ethnic and religious minority)
• 32 years old, Male, Malaysian
• Finds online lessons much more time consuming in comparison to physical lessons
• Used Microsoft Teams as online teaching platform
• Had completed three doses of vaccination; had Moderna for first and second doses
• Lives in a hostel with another teacher
• Came up with food delivery games with friends to show care and support
• Used delivery apps, such as Gomamam and Hey Domo
• Father came in contact with a positive case
• Has not travelled back to Johor since 2019 and keeps in touch with family members
using Whatsapp call
• Could not travel back to hometown in Johor for Chinese New Year celebration due to
travel restrictions and border closures
• Sent a health supplement hamper to parents for Chinese New Year in Johor
• Took the opportunity for self-growth and improvement by attending classes online via
• Wears mask, sanitizes hands, and takes quick showers
• Hopes that the Ministry of Education would give more instructions and guidance for
teachers in advance in case students’ opportunities to sit for the exams are once again hindered by COVID-19

Date Created

February 3, 2022

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Billy Mason's Oral History, Round 2