Manida Mixay's Oral History



Manida Mixay's Oral History


● Manida MIXAY (pseudonym) has just been back from Thailand where she worked in construction.
● She was infected with Covid-19 in Thailand.
● She was interviewed through a mobile phone before leaving the quarantine center and going back to her village in Laos.
● She thinks that people in her village will still not come to interact with her family even after she recovers.

Date Created

February 23, 2021


Biography 1-2, see also ‘Job’
Changes to daily routine
-Hygiene 5, 8
-Meals 5
Daily life necessities
-Food 6
-Masks 8
Description of Covid-19 3
Financial impacts of Covid-19 7
Job 2-3
Infection by Covid-19 7, 9, see also ‘Quarantine/self-isolation’ under ‘Response measures for Covid-19’
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 3
Psychological impacts 4, 9-11
Relationships 4, 9
Response measures for Covid-19
-Quarantine/self-isolation 6, 8-10
-Reactions to measures 11

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