Somjit Vorlasarn’s Oral History



Somjit Vorlasarn’s Oral History


● Somjit VORLASARN (pseudonym) is 36 years old.
● He worked in Thailand before in the construction industry and was about to be discharged from the quarantine center in Laos at the time of the interview. He also describes his experiences at the quarantine center.
● He is a farmer in Laos and relates that it is now more inconvenient for farmers like himself who need to travel to farms in another place as prior permission is needed from the village head.
● His family in the village in Laos was affected by the news of his wife being infected with Covid-19 and were shunned at the marketplace.

Date Created

February 9, 2021


Biography 1-2, see also ‘Job’
Border restrictions/closures 9
Changes to daily routine
-Hygiene 6, 8
-Meals 6
-Space 5, 13-14
-Work see ‘Job’
Comparison with other crises 9
Daily life necessities
-Food 8
Description of Covid-19 3
Discrimination 16
Financial impacts of Covid-19
Jobs 2, 4, 6-7
Infection by Covid-19
-Wife 14-15
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 3, 11-12
Psychological impacts 4-5, 16
Relationships 5
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 5
-Government measures 9, 14
-Quarantine/self-isolation 13
--Experience at quarantine center 12
-Reactions to measures 10-11, 17

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Somjit Vorlasarn’s Oral History Somjit Vorlasarn’s Oral History (translation)