Phan Huy's Oral History



Phan Huy's Oral History


● Phan Huy (pseudonym), 44 years old, Vietnam, Kinh ethnicity, no religion
● Moved from other district (Mekong Delta) to Ho Chi Minh City, and has been living here with a renting room in D district – rural area far from Center - Ho Chi Minh City but cheap price. He has to work to take care his wife and two children.
● Quit previous job at a mechanic factory as employer was unable to pay wages due to lack of business orders
● Now working as a Grab Bike rider and shipper to support his family – the job is easy to be exposed by Covid due to much contact with people
● Compulsory mask wearing but does not use hand sanitizer
● He is connected to the internet but did not know how to connect with Bluezone network
● Travelled every day in city as a shipper and Grab Bike rider
● His interest is just working every day to earn a living
● His mother is old but stay at his hometown with a nephew

Date Created

January 26, 2021

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Biography 5-6, see also ‘Job’
-Children 5, 7-10
-Health insurance 10-12
-Living arrangements and rental costs 7, 14
-Mother 23-24, 36-37
-Siblings 23, 36, 39-40
-Wife 9-10, 15-17
Changes to daily routine
-Hygiene 32-33
-Work see ‘Job’
Comparison with other crises 22
Daily life necessities
-Food 17, 21
-Hand sanitiser 33
-Masks 19
Description of Covid-19 13, 26-29, 31
Financial impacts of Covid-19 3, 18
Gender roles 16
Impacts on various groups 30-31
Infection by Covid-19
-Rural versus urban areas 28-29
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 33, 38-39
-as Grab Bike rider 1-5, 12, 33-36
-at a mechanical company 2-4, 6, 14, 34-35
Psychological impacts 15, 19, 29
Relationships 20-21
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 23, 25-26
-Consequences for breaking rules 19, 21, 32
-Contact tracing 27
-Government measures 20, 26-28
-Local measures 19, 37
-Quarantine/self-isolation 28-29
-Reactions to measures 19, 27-28, 37
-Workplace measures 19
Social media 39

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