Wannee Kongnam’s Oral History



Wannee Kongnam’s Oral History


● Wannee Kongnam (pseudonym), 35 years old, Thai, Thai, COVID Test Laboratory Worker
● Rarely visited family since early the first surge of pandemic in early 2020
● Compulsory mask wearing
● Overwhelmed with workload but getting paid less
● Expressing frustration of at-risk workers not being supported enough by the state

Date Created

February 7, 2021


Biography 1
Changes to daily routine
-Exercise 2
-Family visits 2
-Hygiene 2
-Work see ‘Job’
Daily life necessities
-Difficulty in obtaining supplies 2
Description of Covid-19 1-2
Discrimination 3
Job 1-3
Post Covid-19
-Changes 3
Psychological impacts 2-3
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 3
-Government measures 2-3
-Quarantine 2
-Reactions to measures 2-3

Item sets

Wannee Kongnam’s Oral History