Sophon Yeang's Oral History



Sophon Yeang's Oral History


● Sophon Yeang (pseudonym), 39 years old, Khmer, Khmer, Wellness Business Provider
● Stayed in lockdown since March 2020
● Compulsory mask wearing
● Taking care of an Italian foster father (aged 92)
● Loss of his foster mother in Italy 10 days before the day of interview and unable to attend her funeral because of the travel restrictions
● Triggered by the pandemic, his foster father expressed a traumatized experience of his childhood during World War II.

Date Created

February 7, 2020


Biography 1
Border closures/restrictions 2
Changes to daily routine
-Caretaking arrangements 2
-Work see ‘Job’
Comparison with other crises 2-3
Daily life necessities
-Food 2
Description of Covid-19 1
-Job scope 1
-Work-from-home 2-3
Post Covid-19
-Changes 3
Psychological impacts
-Longing for family members 2-3
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 3
-Government measures 2
-Reactions to measures 2

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Sophon Yeang's Oral History (translation)