Ko Lin Lin's Oral History, Round 1



Ko Lin Lin's Oral History, Round 1


• Ko Lin Lin, Male aged 29
• Ethnic Myanmar, Muslim
• Seaman working on a cruise-ship in Caribbean and returned to Myanmar as his company terminated his contract due to COVID.
• Was on the ship for four months without job or income for four months, until he could return to Myanmar.
• Feels Muslim people have been discriminated on the grounds of ‘race and religion’.
• Private donors came to community to distribute rice and other basic food items.
• Felt people wanted to party and gather in the name of ‘election campaign’ because festivals like Thingyan [Burmese New Year] were cancelled due to COVID-19.
• Could not convince his mother not to join election gatherings.
• Thinks the government COVID strategy could be more effective but “if we were still under military rule they would just abandon all of us” as it would be far worse.
• Feels the government should create job opportunities, ensure job security and protect the rights of labourers in order to promote post-COVID recovery.
• Feels that a pandemic election was ‘risky’ but fears that if elections were not held and “someone else” gains power “it means the end for all generations in Myanmar”.
• Voted for National League for Democracy in November 2020 election partly as he felt the government supported the return of migrant workers as COVID-19 worsened across the globe.
• “It is better that NLD party win most of the seats because our fight is against the military.”

Date Created

First interview: November 4, 2020
Second interview: December 3, 2020

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