Michael’s Oral History



Michael’s Oral History


• Male aged 32
• Ethnic Kachin Christian
• Leader of Youth Department at a church in Yangon
• Volunteered at a medical quarantine center.
• Due to closure of churches, his family relied more on their farm though trade is disrupted. As a result, family is struggling financially.
• Witnessed an increase in crime, associating this with the loss of income due to COVID-19
• Received one-off support from the church of food and cash initially during first wave and then again during second wave of COVID
• Saw neighbors receive support from the government during the first wave but he did not receive as he did not fit their criteria.
• Felt socially isolated as friends and colleagues avoided him because of the fear of catching the COVID-19 virus from him as he volunteered at the quarantine centre.
• During the 2020 election he voted “to finish the business we started during 2015”.

Date Created

First interview: November 3, 2020
Second interview: December 4, 2020

Language of interview



Border closures/restrictions 1
Changes to daily routine
-Diet 2
-Family visits 1
-Hygiene 2
Comparison with past crises 2
Discrimination 3
Elections (2020)
-Election day 4
-Information on party candidates and election results 4-5
-Impact of Covid-19 on voting decision 4-5
-Precautions during Covid-19 4
-Pre-election 3-4
-Previous elections 4-5
-Post-election 5
Financial impacts of Covid-19 1
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 2
Job 1-2
Psychological impacts 1, 3
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 1-3
-Breaking rules 2
-Government measures 1-2
-Quarantine 1
-Reactions to measures 3

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Michael’s Oral History (translation)