Khin Hlaing’s Oral History



Khin Hlaing’s Oral History


• Businessperson and candidate for a minor political party in Yangon at November 2020 election.
• Family company closed during the pandemic and children missed school.
• Had to stop most party campaign activities during the pandemic, and instead erected billboards with the party’s logo and agendas ahead of the election.
• Felt the restrictions on campaigning imposed by the Ministry of Health and Sport were not fair as it did not give permission to opposition parties to organize campaigns of their own.
• Helped distribute masks to workless and lower income families like trishaw drivers and people struggling to earn money. Party also assisted in PPE and medical supply distribution to hospitals around Myanmar.

Date Created

First interview: November 4, 2020
Second interview: December 4, 2020

Language of interview



Changes to daily routine
-Social gatherings 1
Elections (2020)
-Election day 4
-Impact of Covid-19 on
--Political campaign efforts 1-3
--Voting decision 4
-Personal hopes for Myanmar 3
-Precautions during Covid-19 4
-Pre-election 3
-Previous elections 4-5
-Post-election 5
-Family business 1
-Political activities 1-2
Psychological impacts
-On children 1
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 2
-Breaking rules 1
-Government measures 1, 3
-Reactions to measures 1-3

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Khin Hlaing’s Oral History (translation)