Thin Min Paing's Oral History



Thin Min Paing's Oral History


• Male aged 25
• Ethnic Burmese Buddhist
• English teacher in Yangon
• One of his students was infected with the virus during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and he had to quarantine.
• Contributed masks, food and money to COVID-19 patients who are workless and struggling to earn money and also donated money to buy surgical masks and PPE for doctors at Yangon Hospital.
• Thinks the government should increase their support toward the workless and hungry, but understands their tight budget.
• COVID fears created family tensions as his uncle chastised him for visiting his elderly grandfather after he completed quarantine. He felt this was unfair as he had tested negative to COVID twice and was taking precautions.
• Was concerned about catching COVID whilst voting but felt he wanted to be a responsible citizen and he trusted the government’s preparation.
• Does not think distribution of COVID-19 support from the government impacted how he or others voted because he had already decided his loyalty to vote National League for Democracy from 2015. Besides, feels the government is responsible for providing these supports during the COVID-19 pandemic anyhow and was just doing its job.
• Feels Christians were singled out for gathering during COVID while violations of social distancing regulations by others communities were ignored.

Date Created

First interview: November 4, 2020
Second interview: December 4, 2020

Language of interview

Burmese and English


Biography 1-2
Border closures/restrictions 1-2
Changes to daily routine
-Diet 2
-Hygiene 2
-Receiving visitors 2
Comparison with other crises 2
Daily life necessities
-Food 1
Discrimination 2-3, 7
Elections (2020)
-Election day 4-5
-Hopes for new government 7
-Impact of Covid-19 on voting decision 5
-Information sources on the election 6
-Pre-election 4
-Precautions in light of Covid-19 4
-Previous elections 4-6
-Post-election 6
Financial impacts of Covid-19
-Financial hardship on family 1-2
-Reduced income 1
Psychological impacts 1-2
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 2-3
-Breaking rules 1
-Government measures 1, 3
-Local measures 2
-Reactions to measures 3, 7

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Thin Min Paing's Oral History (translation)