Daw Shwe Shwe's Oral History, Round 1



Daw Shwe Shwe's Oral History, Round 1


• Daw Shwe Shwe, Female aged 67
• Ethnic Burmese Buddhist
• Small snack shop owner on peri-urban area of central Myanmar town
• Family business impacted by drop in economy
• Wants her son working in Yangon to return home as she is concerned about pandemic but he must continue to try and provide for his family
• Grateful for receiving cash and in-kind government support even though it was not sufficient
• Frustrated that urban monasteries closed but she instead went to monasteries in rural areas. Felt there was some discrimination: “Even the Buddhist can go to monasteries in secret, but I feel sad that Muslims cannot even go to mosques because they are shut down.”
• A bit afraid to vote during COVID but wore a facemask to protect herself.
• Feels there is more domestic violence/fighting in the village now because of economic hardship.
• Wants the government to focus more on creating job opportunities for unemployed people as well as improving health care services in the next term.

Date Created

First interview: October 30, 2020
Second interview: December 4, 2020

Language of interview

Karen and Burmese

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-Election day 2-3
-Hopes for new government 3-4
-Precautions during Covid-19 2
-Previous elections 2-3
-Post-election 3
Financial impacts of Covid-19 1, see also ‘Jobs’
Job see also ‘Financial impacts of Covid-19’
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Response measures for Covid-19
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