Fern's Oral History



Fern's Oral History


● Fern, 36 years old, Burmese migrant working living on the Thai – Myanmar border, working in garment factory
● Interview was conducted in Karen language, and subsequently translated into Burmese.
● Did sewing at home since before the COVID-19 pandemic
● Difficult to access information about the disease due to language barrier
● Limitations on travel, and social distancing with friends and colleagues

Date Created

January 17, 2021

Language of interview

Interview was conducted in Karen, and then translated into Burmese.


Biography 1-2, see also 'Job'
Border closures 3
Changes to daily routine
-Diet 4
-Hygiene 4-5
-Space 4-5
-Work see ‘Job’
Comparison with other crises 7
Daily life necessities
-Difficulty in obtaining supplies 6
-Food 4, 6
-Masks 6
Description of Covid-19 2-3
Discrimination 10
Financial impacts of Covid-19
-Borrowing money 6
-Unemployment 3
Job 2-5, 7
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 2-3, 8-9
Psychological impacts 3
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 9-10
-Breaking rules 7
-Consequences for breaking rules 7
-Government measures 3-4
-Local measures 4-5
-Reactions to measures 8-9
-Surveillance testing 7
Relationships 5

Item sets

Fern's Oral History (translation)