Sophea's Oral History



Sophea's Oral History


- Sophea, 21, Khmer
- University student
- Resident of Siem Reap but goes to university in Phnom Penh
- Experiences difficulties with online learning due to unreliable access to internet in her area
- Family suffers from financial distress due to brother’s cut work

Date Created

February 3, 2021

Language of interview



Biography 1, 13-14, see also ‘Job’
Changes to daily routine
-Challenges with online learning 3-4, 13
Daily life necessities
-Hand sanitiser 5
-Masks 5
Description of Covid-19 1-2
Financial impacts of Covid-19 3, 6
Information sources on Covid-19 and related measures 2, 9
-Brother’s job at a hotel 3
Post Covid-19 hopes 13
Psychological impacts 3, 6-7, 12-13
Relationships 3
Response measures for Covid-19
-Assistance for Covid-19 relief 10
-Breaking rules 8-9
-Government measures 7-8
-Reactions to measures 9
-School closures 3-4
-Treatment for Covid-19 patients 11
Social media 9

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Sophea's Oral History